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Journey to Forever: Adopting with Everglades Angels

Adopting from Everglades Angels Dog Rescue is a heartwarming journey that begins with a simple yet essential step: filling out our adoption form. This form helps us understand your lifestyle and preferences, ensuring a personalized matchmaking process. After submission, background and reference checks will be completed, then you'll meet with our adoption coordinator to discuss potential matches.  An appointment will be set up to meet the dogs and determine the best fit. We believe in creating the best possible fit between adopter and dog for a harmonious and lasting companionship. The process continues with a confirmation of homeowner’s association guidelines and finally a home check

Once the adoption is finalized, our commitment doesn’t end there. We conduct follow-ups for an entire year to ensure the transition is smooth and both you and your new furry family member are thriving. This post-adoption support reflects our dedication to the well-being of our dogs and the satisfaction of their adoptive families, making the adoption process with Everglades Angels Dog Rescue a truly special and ongoing connection.

First Three Days...
...Time for Adjustment
  • Begins the unwinding process
  • Might feel overloaded or anxious
  • Uncertain or wary about the new environment
  • Not yet ready to show their true self
  • Could resist eating or drinking
  • Prefers solitude or may conceal themselves from others
  • Evaluates the new limits and rules
Initial Three Weeks...
... Acclimating to New Rhythms
  • Starts to get accustomed to your daily patterns
  • Begins to feel more at ease
  • Starts to accept this place as “home”
  • Establishes a daily rhythm
  • Gradually reveals their personality as they relax
  • Potential behavioral challenges might surface
First Three Months...
... Embracing Home
  • Fully adapts to the household
  • Develops a deep trust and forms a meaningful connection
  • Experiences a full sense of safety and belonging with the family
  • Becomes lively and engages in play voluntarily
  • Grasps what is expected of them
  • Openly reciprocates love and affection