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Fostering Hope: Together on the Path to New Beginnings

Fostering is a vital and deeply rewarding endeavor that offers a much-needed, loving environment for dogs who have endured considerable suffering. These foster homes provide crucial socialization, significantly increasing the chances of these resilient animals finding their forever homes.

There are two types of fostering opportunities: short-term, which may include emergency rescues or regular fostering out of town, and long-term for dogs struggling in a kennel environment or those with special medical needs. While fostering brings incredible rewards, it also presents challenges.

Our dedicated foster coordinator and trainer are available to support you, offering guidance and assistance through any issues that may arise.

Our commitment to you and your foster dog includes providing food, essential supplies, veterinary care, and in-home training if necessary. We pledge to assist with any needs that may arise during the fostering period. In return, your commitment to your foster dog involves daily care, love, affection, and socialization. Additionally, you play a crucial role in the adoption process by providing vital information and photos and participating in events or allowing volunteers to transport and handle the dog. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of these dogs on their journey to finding loving homes.

First Three Days...
...Time for Adjustment
  • Begins the unwinding process
  • Might feel overloaded or anxious
  • Uncertain or wary about the new environment
  • Not yet ready to show their true self
  • Could resist eating or drinking
  • Prefers solitude or may conceal themselves from others
  • Evaluates the new limits and rules
Initial Three Weeks...
... Acclimating to New Rhythms
  • Starts to get accustomed to your daily patterns
  • Begins to feel more at ease
  • Starts to accept this place as “home”
  • Establishes a daily rhythm
  • Gradually reveals their personality as they relax
  • Potential behavioral challenges might surface
First Three Months...
... Embracing Home
  • Fully adapts to the household
  • Develops a deep trust and forms a meaningful connection
  • Experiences a full sense of safety and belonging with the family
  • Becomes lively and engages in play voluntarily
  • Grasps what is expected of them
  • Openly reciprocates love and affection