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Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, a 501c3 charity is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization started Feb. 14, 2014. Our mission is to end the suffering of thousands of abandoned pet Angel Dogs™, feral and breeding packs of Angel Dogs™, by physical rescue & rehoming. Our organization is unique because our dedication to the truly in need, with no shelter, food and basic chance of survival. We seek out the tortured, sick and debilitated Angel Dogs™, in the most remote areas of the everglades in Florida.

We are a 100% all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. Also a non-kill rescue. We don’t own a facility, pay salaries or rent facilities. Every penny we raise goes towards vetting, boarding, feeding and other direct expenses for the benefit of the Angel Dogs™ we rescue.

We rescue Angel Dogs™ dumped far away from what once was their home.  Dumped by former owners, they begin the ultimate night-mare in the everglades. The first day of life alone is a scary mystery and curiosity occupies most of their day. By night, they are wondering when their family will come back for them. They are hungry and tired... Darkness comes and the fear of the unknown makes them shake and cower deeper into the glades. Hundreds of heart worm transmitting mosquitos and toxic fire ants are biting, the fiery pain is endless. Ticks crawl up their legs and burrow into their skin, injecting bacteria that will infect the Angel Dogs™ with tick diseases like Anaplasmosis and Lyme disease. The deadly tick disease Bayesian is becoming ever more prevalent. Wildlife, Burmese pythons and rattle snakes pick up their scent. If they are not preyed upon the first night, the morning sun rises and the helpless Angel Dogs™ search again in vain for their families. There is no food and the only water is in dangerous scum covered, alligator filled canals. Hunger and dehydration sets in and a slow torturous death begins. The survival of these struggling Angel Dogs™ lies only with rescuers like Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, that get out and search for the Angel Dogs™ lost in the glades. One day can easily mean the difference between life and death. Rescue means the end of agony, so horrendous it steals their soul and leaves them with a blank stare, unable to walk from fear. To date, we have saved 273 everglades abandoned Angel Dogs™, fully vetted them, socialized, micro-chipped, vaccinated and found them the very best homes possible. Our volunteers are truly unwavering angels.

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Our mission, aside from the physical rescue, vetting, socialization and homing of the Angel Dogs™, is to educate the public and bring aware-ness of the tragedy of everglades abandonment and the sheer torture these Angel Dogs™ endure from humanity at its worst.

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Denise Guevara

Co-Vice President/Treasurer

Adriana Gorrondona

Co-Vice President/Secretary

Jill Jones

Director/Volunteer Administrator

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